Thursday, July 14, 2011

Too busy...

Sorry readers, I'm just too budy to post these days.  I have too many aspirations and too little time.  I will mention a few things very quickly, but don't expect another post soon, sorry.  i was planning to make a giant blog post to summarize everything that's happened, and I still will, eventually.

School:  Passed with a 77 and I start first year in September.
Go: Improved a little recently.  Getting KGS 5d is very easy now and I did it with multiple accounts and made them more or less solid.  I am also Tygem 7d!  Not only that, but although it seemed a little difficult at first, I am winning most games now and, very strangely, it seems I will be 8d in a few days... 8d!  wtf! Hehe

Thanks~  I will not forget about you guys or my blog.

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