Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Drifting Sand, Hidden Time

Hi all.  Yes, I am still alive!

Just a quick but very important update!

I think we can assume now that daily or weekly updates just aren't going to happen, at least not consistently for periods longer than a month or two at once.  However, my biggest aim for the Winter is to be on top of things - especially school stuff - and updating this blog would be a good testament to that.

I have some new friends to add to me list of secret people.  I won't list all of them, just some of those I've been talking to the most over the last two months.  Also included are previously alias'd people that I happen to have been seeing a lot recently:

A.C. <--Not a new one, actually my best friend of many years.
Ochibi-chan <--Short, quiet, tres kawaii! My g/f as of two days ago x)
Her Annieness <--Frosh week friend that I wish I saw more of these days!  Friend of Ochibi-chan too.
Mr. Tengen <--Frosh week friend, really cool guy who is enthusiastically learning Go!  囲碁部員

::Continued writing this entry on 12/23/2011, after meeting up with JEFFBOT, Mimi and others for Karaoke. After that, Mimi and I met up with ANGRYM and two others for sushi, and yet more Karaoke!::

EmoJ <--1st-year friend from Japanese class.  I spend a considerable amount of time with him, one of my good friends.
HappyJ<--A good friend from Go club who has a lot in common with me - Go, Anime/Manga, Magic the Gathering, Japan insterests, etc.
ANGRYKOREAN <-- Hehe, he's not a new one.  He's a Go club friend, a good friend, and sometimes does other stuff with me besides Go.  We always joke about other Go players, generalizations/stereotypes in Go, etc.
LittleD <--Since there's a BigD, there must be a LittleD!  Actually, their physical sizes are probably roughly similar hehe.  LittleD is someone who is currently helping me a lot with Go club management.
GARU <--Another new Go club member.  He seems like a pretty smart guy, and is interesting to talk to.

There are more, I'll list them another time lol.

My first term of university was very poor in terms of marks, but really awesome in regards to my social life.  I made a lot of good new friends, run a Go club with tons of new members, developed multiple more new social circles, and got a girlfriend too.  For the most part, things are good~

I learned a lot from my university mistakes so far, like to stay on top of or, better yet, ahead on readings, to study as early as possible for everything regardless of how much time there is, to attend all tutorials and most or all lectures, to maintain a fairly strict schedule even on weekends in order to keep sleeping patterns regulated, purchase books as early as possible and deal with OSAP stuff as early as possible, plan everything in advance as much as possible, set up folders on computer for each courses (did this) into which I should put notes and things, etc.

Most of all, I must say it again that I should be ahead on readings and studying at all times.  Then getting at least 70's on everything is automatic, and I can get much higher marks from there.

I fell so behind in some of my courses that I had to pull lots of all nighters and never finished studying for anything.  My GPA is probably around 2.8 or 2.9 as of the new year, pretty horrible.  However, I have calculated a lot of things, such as what I can get in the winter and what I can get later on (cumulative).  I calculated GPA for bold goals, "expectable/realistic" goals, and modest goals.  Even with modest goals for the winter, as long as I follow what I've learned from experience now, something like 3.3 is a good goal.  Anyway, I will aim for 3.4.  3.5 is probably not possible for this year now, but at the same time, should be easy to avoid anything below 3.3 or 3.2.  I will do my best to come out of this year with a decent mark, and make it a really good one next year.  I can think of it as a trade.

It's like a Magic card that draws you cards in exchange for paying life, or in Death Note when you make "the deal" for the Shinigami eyes ;p

More soon.

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