Friday, March 18, 2011

Drifting Sand, Hidden Priorities

Hello reader,

It's been a while since my last post, so I apologize for that.  I've just been so busy and so tired lately, with nothing of interest to post.

(Japanese music)

As far as school goes, I received a 72 on my first in-class essay.  I knew before even receiving the mark that I had a weak and possibly misguided thesis, and I had even mistaken the narrator.  I thought the narrator of the short story No One's A Mystery was the 18 year-old girl, as if writing the short story as one of her diary entries, but what I failed to realize was that it was a more grown-up and matured version of herself that narrated the story.  Anyway, I tried a lot harder on my first out-of-class essay and just got it back - an 80 - so now I just need to ensure I do that well for the rest...  Before Wednesday I need to prepare for another in-class essay and also complete some extra-credit work worth up to 5 extra marks on my last essay (sweet).  They will all be on the topic of Oedipus the King.  Given 73 as the bar for moving onto full-time university studies next year, I can't let my guard down!

Pokemon:  Bleh!  It's impossible to make 'the best team' and even harder to do it with your favourites.  I'm kind of sick of battling with people who all use the same teams...  Why can't they just be original?  There's no way those Pokemon are the favourites of all of those players.  They'd probably answer that way if asked, but it's total B.S.  So I've decided to eliminate all my different goals in the game and instead try to just make one good team.  Just one, and be done with it.

Lately I've been so bored, as though nothing I do can entertain me...  So I guess...I might as well use school work as my 'escape'.  Funny, escaping to school work, the very thing I would usually escape from.

Time to get my priorities straight!

School Work - Highest priority for sure.  Goal:  80+
Exercise - Yeah...I think this is pretty necessary.  In fact, I want to practice martial arts again...!
Writing - Mmmhmmm...  I should find some time to get my own writing done outside of school work.
Pokemon/Videogames - Low priority (I mean it!)
Go - Lately some interest has returned to me.  Strangely, I've been winning pretty much every game I play on KGS despite how occasional they are...  Anyway, I'll put this on 'low priority', but higher than Pokemon...

Here's one example game I played lately.  My unranked account (3d? at the time, now 4d? with no losses) vs. a 2d



  1. I experience the same in Go, right now ^^ Haven't done anything since december, but was able to beat some kind of old rival three times lately - before that my score was veeery bad against this one.

    I guess, you just forget a lot of knowledge, you didn't understand yet. So while playing, your focus lays on things you can understand and doesn't get twisted by ideas you maybe read of.

    But well, could be something complete different aswell : D As long, as it's fun - everything's perfect =)

  2. Yeah, I must admit, I'm playing with a more carefree mindset, practically seeing Go as something "behind me" or at least of lower priority. Perhaps even if my knowledge, sense or reading ability is gone, some of it is made up for with a newfound clarity in the way I see the moves, a clarity only obtainable through abstinence and stress-free attitude.