Sunday, April 3, 2011

-Mini Post #9-


Sorry for the lack of posting, so here's a little update.  But first, an anime opening theme!  This is Ore no Imouto wa Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai!

I like it around 00:09 - 00:10 ^^

I was going to do a big post, with lots of Go kifu of mine, but I'm low on energy, and I don't see a download function on Tygem...

Yeah, I started playing on Tygem under the account RKNINE.

Yeah dat.

There was a scoring bug and I lost 2 or 3 games illegitimately, but I kept playing and eventually got to 6d after about 33 games, with W>L(2), that is, more than twice as many wins as losses.  I had registered as the maximum starting level, 5d, so i am now 6d and will henceforth work toward 7 Dan on Tygem.  I wanted to just call myself rk9, which is cool because it sounds random, but sounds out the name of this Pokemon in a non-obvious way.  Tygem didn't allow 3-character'd names...  Oh well.

Participated in a Go tournament in Waterloo, drive up in ChengHappy's car with James and BigD.  I need a nickname for James, but I don't know..  lol  His KGS is his last name, and there's nothing particularly funny enough about him to call him something like ANGRYKOREAN or ANGRYM or SlipperyPete, etc. etc. (Some of my other friends haha)

Played Di in the first round - a good game with a favourable opening.  It was close after I made some middlegame mistakes, and finally I lose after playing a false Ko threat and falling apart.  Played Giftshop and won, played a great game with James and lost by 2.5, played a strong '3d' and won; both of my wins were kills, more or less, though I was also ahead on territory in both as well.  All games had 6.5 Komi with Japanese rules, and were 25 minutes + 25 stones/10 minutes Canadian Byo-yomi.  However, in the later rounds, the main time was 15 minutes and the Byo-yomi accelerated, increasing by 10 more stones each time.

As I need to hurry up and take care of my debts, I'm probably going to have to look for another crappy part-time job soon, but in the meantime, I'm trying hard to get more Go students.  I'm going to be hosted on/help out with my friends up and coming website (though already accessible), LearnGo-Canada, and I will also try to involve myself with Allaboutgo and Goforall.

I'm planning to try following a set of daily routines centered around what I call a 'Wellness Pentagon', which requires me to do things concerning Work, Mind, Body, Social and Sleep each day.  That is, mentally-cultivating things, work/project/school-related things, physical things, social things and proper sleeping habits.

As for school, I'll get my third mark - another in-class essay (this time on Oedipus the King) - back on Monday.  I have a 72 from my first (bad) in-class essay, and an 84 from my first (good) out-of-class essay.

As for Anime, watched Ore no Imouto wa...(See music at the top) and loved it!  It's still going, too, got to wait!  Now watching To aru Majutsu no Index (season I, just started) <--not bad.

See ya!

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