Monday, April 4, 2011

-Mini Post #10-


Hmmm, although I won my first two games on Tygem since getting to 6d quite easily earlier today, I experienced many straight losses thereafter...  I think I've been getting into Go again in an exciting way and trying hard, and as a result, I've lost that rewarding carefree manner of playing I had developed.  I don't care though, I'm still going to try to get to 7d.  Some of the losses today were out of over-thinking or being too tense - for example, ignoring a Ko threat I thought didn't work, fighting over a half point Ko in a game I had won.  It was late and I was tired, so I didn't see a snapback, even at my level ^^  Quite embarrassing.

My second in-class essay mark was posted on the U of T web portal...  I got a 70...  Horrible...  Seems like I'm bad at in-class essays after all.  My average is now 75.33, barely over the 73 I need to move on to full time studies.  The timing is okay though, as I was thinking I should stop playing so much online Go for a while.  These next two weeks are going to be hectic, I have a lot of errands to win, a Go seminar for Kyu players that I need to prepare for, not to mention figuring out how I'm getting to the place in Mississauga, a mid-term mere days away, stuff to read, etc.  I had decided to wait until I could study Go from my books again and solve some Tsumego (Go problems), and it seems it will have to wait until Summer.  So for now...School, school, SCHOOL!  Need to focus everything on my work, and extra studying.  If I assume that my third and final in-class essay will be bad, it just means I need to do as well on the next out-of-class essays as I did on my first won, and get a similar mark (78+ will do) on the midterm and final exam.  There's no way around both studying and 'extra' studying now.  I'm still in a dangerous place, as there's no guaranteeing that I'm actually good (~80) at out-of-class essays in general, I need to do at least one more before I can make an assumption about the one after.  Same goes for university midterms/exams.  In the dark...  I also really need to get back onto a normal schedule, my current one is completely vampiric!



  1. there is ALWAYS that one person you can call if you need a ride....