Monday, January 31, 2011

Drifting Sand, Hidden Meaning

WARNING:  The following audio is a Japanese song called Mizutamari ^^

Of bright flames reaching,
Seeking and fleeting
Red rose unearthing,
Hesitant and lurching
Balancing a candle,
Burning in the water
Above the mantle,
Never the hotter
Of rain so shallow,
But daggers and bullets
Cometh falling cowl,
Returning thy cullet
Enduring the tides,
Making them crimson
Continue a bide,
Or open its prison

Even though I can tell I have a whole lot to learn about poetry, and look forward to it, I do feel this poem is pretty good given my goose egg poetic foundation.  I guess I'll go ahead and explain the meanings next entry or something, as I'd like to thereby do my poem some justice.  I'd like to hear some of your ideas though.  That means you! =D

I wrote up this poem on a whim just now, took about twenty minutes.  Please tell me what you think!  To be honest, there's A LOT of hidden meaning in most of it, though it's not all that deep.  At least it's far deeper than any of the poems I wrote for fun in high school, not that those were necessarily illegitimate.  I haven't actually studied poetry yet besides hearing some stuff in class, but from the few classes I've had so far, I've learned quite a bit about various sects of English and felt confident enough to give this a try.  I'm aware that my line breaks are *probably newbie, too much like normal prose.  I hope you'll let me know what kind of symbolism and general idea you see in this poem.  I don't think it's all that hard to figure it all out; if anything, it's probably still too simplistic compared to poems like The Tyger.


Does anyone agree with me that it's kind of shitty that some of us get marked in school, in university no less, for remembering random people's names??  Not even a history course!  I hate having to memorize/study useless things.  I'm talking about the kind of names I'll never ever have to refer to in any way for the rest of my life.



Tonight's class was almost completely focused on the poem The Tyger.  These classes are so abstract and vague, it makes my head hurt.  It seems like even though the prof is doing a good job of teaching us and explaining everything - no complaints there - all of my classmates and I time and time again find ourselves confused and stupified<--With emphasis on 'stupi'.  Well, I'm exaggerating, we're doing our best and contributing a lot of interesting (but often too shallow) conceptions.  Mr. M is totally correct in his perception of us as a detail-oriented class, seemingly dull in terms of imagination, or at least our ability to visualize the verses of poetry and prose.  And here I thought my imagination was great.  Mind you, I've gotten the hidden meanings right in some of the discussions, but once or twice he must of misheard me, having corrected me with the exact same thing I had just said.  In such instances, as long as my peers continue to turn to meet my eyes with dignifying glances of comical sympathy, it's all good.

Mr. M is a really sharp-minded old dude, I must say.  His hearing is not bad either, contrary to what I must have implied ^^  I'm happy that he thinks I'm the best or one of the best in the class when it comes to grammar.  He mentioned this on two occasions so far, and seems to have made note that I'm putting in a lot of effort.  Tonight, for example:  I was the only one out of the entire class who handed in all the work sheets/mini tests assigned last class.  Although I may be obscuring his exact words, he said, "Even you had at least a few mistakes in here.  It's strange that no one's handing these in for correction when their grammar is worse than yours."  Even though I'm already aware by now, it still feels good.  Gives me a feeling of confirmation that the next four, five years may, no, will go smoothly!


I became more than a little irritated today upon realizing that in order to most easily succeed in this kind of course, I must be familiar with not only Greek mythology (which I don't mind, I'd be almost happy to brush up on a bunch of fun myths), but also the bible...  Bible=need to know=*knows nothing about it at all, and doesn't care (no offense to those who do)=destroyed person.

Solve for I.
E=MC^2, therefore I=destroyed person.


Bye for now! Sayounara~

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