Wednesday, January 26, 2011

-Mini Update # 1-


I have to leave for my 6:30pm Lit class soon, as in about five minutes from now, so I'll make this quick.

Having stayed up super late and right into the morning, I decided to sleep in really late too.  I thought sleeping until right before my class might give me the mental energy needed to survive being talked at for over two hours. This class is really abstract, and really difficult in that respect.  It seems like everyone in my class is completely confused and pwnd, and this is a class of 45-55 students.  I guess it's about time to get going.  No, it didn't take me five minutes just to type this tiny paragraph, I was just distracted ^^'


Please let me know anything about this blog that should be changed!  Anything you don't like about the way the blog looks or the way it's formatted can be changed easily!  I didn't spend very much time fixing it up.
Any suggestions about anything to do with my blog will be taken seriously.

See ya!


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