Sunday, January 30, 2011

-Mini Post #3-


I went ahead and changed the look of the blog - a complete makeover.  My brother said it was hard to look at, and at the very least, I thought the sand background was unappealing.  I switched the background for something cool, refreshing and simple: Water, and matched face by tweaking the blog title.  I'm still happy with the blog title and it doesn't clash with my epic first blog post.  What do you think?  Is there any detail of this blog that you disagree with?

Just a tiny little Pokemon update right in the middle of today's post --> I think I really like the ice type.  I've gained a bit of an urge to raise up an ice-themed team, but there are some clear drawbacks.  For one thing, Hail does not pump up the team members very much, only activates some mildly appealing abilities such as Snow Cloak and Ice Body.  It's nowhere near as powerful as Swift Swim, Sand Throw or Chlorophyll, which are activated by rain, sandstorm and sun respectively.  There are some cool ice types I've always wanted to use, like Lapras, Furiijio (5th gen.), Jynx and Cloyster, not to mention Weevile.  However, I'm really not a fan of Abomosnow - a Pokemon with the ability Snow Warning, which whips up a hail storm and is a must for any ice team.  Oh well...

So anyway, I've been reading Sunwing, and it's been quite enjoyable.  I started a couple of days ago but just from reading it in bed, I'm nearly finished.  It drew me in quite powerfully.  I've decided to read a lot more in general so that one day I can become a successful author.  By the way, do you know of any good fantasy fictions written almost as though they were poetry?  I thought up this writing style, but I had no idea it actually existed.  ~Zannen datta na~~~

I played a quick little game on KGS today because my online student never showed up, and wow do I suck.  I'm sure if I practice for a few weeks I can get some power back, but man, oh man...  Well, I'm probably still CGA Fifth Dan, but...  That may change soon, and if it does, then that's IT!!  I'll have to do something about it, won't I?

A reminder to myself  --> Buy a huge booklet of lined paper!  -->Once I have it, trail-blaze it with prose!

Whenever I've written story ideas on keyboard, I've gone a bit slow, but I've gone amazingly fast on paper, so that's what I'll do!  The hard part is forcing myself to write just one story, rather than thinking about my other, what, nine well-developed story ideas?  Sometime or another I'll take a crack at writing *deep* poetry, the kind we analyze in my class.  Although I need to focus on my school stuff, I would like to complete a novel within the next 2-3 years.  Guess my New Years Resolution's already out the window ^^

Oh yeah...  I should start working on stuff now, byebye~


  1. Yes the Silverwing series is incredible to read. Hope you know there is a third book called Firewing. the story is based on Shade's son.