Thursday, January 27, 2011

-Mini Post #2-

For a night owl to go to sleep early and successfully succumb to the moon's will is easier said than done!
Feeble nocturne, wouldst not thee gain thy effect through the drowsing power of literature?  I will give this a try.
No, I have never studied old English.  I don't even know if that right there was the time to spell it 'olde'.  One more thing I need to delve into I suppose.

Okay, off to read...


  1. Shakespearean English was never my favourite, but if you want some insight in all the 'thy's, 'thee's and 'thou's, there's nothing better than digging through 'Richard III', 'MacBeth' or 'Much ado about nothing' (to name three of my favourites).

  2. Thanks! I will check those out some time for sure!