Saturday, January 29, 2011

Drifting Sand, New...Pokemon?


Well, as I've said before, I love games.  Card games, board games, video games, I love them all!  I especially love rpg games such as Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda.  I guess I'm pretty loyal to Nintendo.  Although it may seem a steep contrast to my other posts, allow me to go ahead with a Poke-post.  I'm a bit anxious to receive my copy of Pokemon White version, which comes out in early March.  Thus, I've been preparing for it by doing some [labourous!] breeding and training in my Platinum version, preparing to shift it all over.  I would just like to post a few lists and details for my own reference.  Hopefully someone else who plays Pkmn will see this and find it mildly interesting.  Having finally finished a pile of school papers, consisting of drills, lessons, practice tests and other things to that effect, it's time for a break!  Hence this post!

Main Team~

Well, yesterday I came up with a bit of a team formula and decided to divide my team into six themed slots, but without strictly adhering to said themes.  Each slot contains one main battler, one substitute battler, and then either another substitute or a special circumstance battler.

Slot 1 - Fire Type

Main~ Arcanine[fire]
Sub~ Ulgamoth[bug/fire]
Special~ Vulpix[fire]

Slot 2 - Water Slot

Main~ Starmie[water/psychic]
Sub~ Tentacruel[water/poison]
Special~ Wartortle[water]

Slot 3 - Grass Slot

Main~ Scizor[bug/steel]
Sub~ Serperior[grass]
Sub~ Doredia[grass]

Slot 4 - Electric Slot

Main~ Jolteon[electric]
Sub~ Zoroark[dark]
Special~ Pikachu[electric]

Slot 5 - Flying Slot

Main~ Gengar[ghost/poison]
Sub~ Dragonite[dragon/flying]
Special~ Zapdos[electric/flying]

Slot 6 - Miscellaneous Slot

Main~ Chillaccino[normal]
Sub~ Doryuuzu[ground/steel]
Sub~ Bronzong[psychic/steel]

This list pretty much confirms My Style once again:  >>Fast Pokemon >>Slightly special attack oriented >>Balanced >>Using favourite Pokemon, not strongest

It should go without saying, but my battling team at a given time will consist of one Pokemon from each Slot.  Below, each Pokemon choice and purpose will be explained...

Arcanine~ My favourite Pokemon, learns a variety of great attack moves such as Flare Blitz, Flamethrower, ExtremeSpeed, Wild Bolt, Close Combat, Crunch, Dragon Pulse and more.  Although his speed is not so impressive compared to other prominent fire types, his attack power can be as high as three hundred and fifty, with decent special attack power and HP remaining.  He also has the useful ability, Intimidate.  I like to hook him up with the Focus Sash item.  One of his greatest assets is his almost exclusive move ExtremeSpeed, which is a Quick Attack with double the power, perfect for finishing unfinished business.

Ulgamoth~ One of the big hits of the coming Fifth Generation.  His speed equals that of Charizard and Ninetales, and this fire bug boasts an impressive four hundred and five maximum special attack power.  With the amazing new move Butterfly Dance to raise speed, special attack and special defense in one go, Ulgamoth is truly a force that cannot be questioned.

Vulpix~ My favourite unevolved Pokemon, and within my top four overall, Vulpix will be one of my 'Little Cup' team members.  I plan to use Vulpix in regular, non-LC battles when battling an unskilled player.  Bred with the table-turning sleep move, Hypnosis, Vulpix has the potential to cause upsets.  I plan to equip it with the fifth gen. hold item, Evolution Stone, which increases both defenses of an unevolved Pokemon by fifty percent.  I believe it is one of the cutest and beautiful Pokemon, like Ninetales and Milotic.

Starmie~ Starmie has been one of my favourites ever since the First Generation games, Red, Blue and Yellow.  Even as far as the games have come since then, Starmie is actually one of the top Pokemon because of its great speed, great assortment of special attacks, and useful move Rapid Spin.  This move is really important for removing Stealth Rocks, Spikes and Toxic Spikes from the field.  My move set is Rapid Spin, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt and Psycho Shock (a move that applies Sp. Atk damage to opponent's Def stat, making Starmie harder to 'wall').  Psycho Shock can be replaced with Surf or Hydro Pump, which makes up the usual set for Starmie, I think.

Tentacruel~ Tentacruel is decently fast, has decent special attack power, and marvelous special defense.  Not only can he use strong strategic moves such as Toxic Spikes (which, if used by the opponent, is eliminated when he is sent out), he can also use Rapid Spin to clear the friendly side of the battle field.  He's a useful Pokemon in various ways:  A special wall, a spinner, a hazard producer and a special attacker.

Wartortle~ Within my top three Pokemon of all time, Wartortles stats are not as bad as one would expect of a Pokemon in its second of three evolutionary stages.  As for his move set, I've concocted an interesting plan: To get some "free" damage on the first turn with Fake Out, which forces a flinch, then hit as hard as he can or use a strategic type of move.  Even when he's about to be knocked out, he can get an additional "free" hit using the priority move Aqua Jet, which nicely contradicts his slowness.  With the amazing Evolution Stone item mentioned about my Vulpix, his defenses can both receive a fifty percent increase.  In Wartortle's case, it means his defense can be higher than four hundred!  This means that he's completely superior to Blastoise in terms of defense.

Scizor~ Scizor is one of the greatest forces in the current meta game.  With nearly four hundred attack power, high defense, and all the resistances of the steel type, Scizor is very versatile.  With the ability Technician, his priority move Bullet Punch is pumped up, which helps him with his slowness.  The move is of course also powered up by Same Type Attack Boost.  With U-Turn he can hit and switch to another Pokemon, with Super Power he can deal some enormous fighting type damage, and with Swords Dance he can double his attack power to eight hundred!  After one Swords Dance, he becomes hard to 'wall'.  Speaking of walls, he himself makes a decent physical wall.

Serperior~ The grass type starter of the Fifth Generation's Unova region.  His speed is great and defenses more than decent, and with the amazing ability Perversity, which he can obtain through the game's Dream World, all changes to his stats during a battle have opposite effect.  This means one thing and one thing only:  The powerful move Leaf Storm, which normally severely cuts the user's own special attack power, instead doubles it!  Serp does heavy damage and hugely increases his power at the same time.  After just one of these, even grass-resisting Pokemon can receive heavy damage, and after two of them, he can often sweep an entire party of Pokemon.  He use a huge and scary threat that acts fast!  Serperior's only con is the lack of type coverage of its available moves.

Doredia~ Doredia is a beautiful Pokemon, which appeals to me.  It's part of my style to use Pokemon that look cute, beautiful or cool, but not ugly.  On its own, Doredia is usually not as much of a threat as Scizor or Serperior.  It's stats are not amazing, but they're respectable.  Decent speed, above average defenses and great Jolteon-level special attack.  The biggest selling point is its almost exclusive move, Butterfly Dance, which pumps up its speed, special attack AND special defense in one go, as mentioned earlier about Ulgamoth.  Although Doredia has about the same lack of type coverage as Serperior, it has access to some excellent strategic moves, such as Aromatherapy, which heals the status ailments of all the party Pokemon.  In  sunlight, Doredia's Chlorophyll ability doubles it's speed, so with the right support, it's even more of a force to be reckoned with!

Jolteon~  What can you say about the good old speedy Jolteon from the first generation.  He's one of the fastest in the game and has great special attack power.  Even his special defense is quite decent, and with moves like Thunderbolt, Volt Change, Charge Beam, Shadow Ball and Signal Beam available, he's certainly a force.  His greatest selling point is his amazing speed.

Zoroark~ One of the most interesting Pokemon of Unova.  He has the unique and exclusive ability, Illusion, which causes him to take on the name and appearance of the last Pokemon in your party.  Your opponent will normally have no way of knowing that your Pokemon is actually Zoroark, so you can trick them into using moves they think will be super effective, but are actually neutral or don't even affect Zoroark at all, such as Psychic!  Your opponent also won't know about the moves Zoroark can use until it's too late, such as Dark Pulse and Flamethrower.  His special attack is even higher than that of Doredia and Jolteon, and his speed is greater than that of an Arcanine, Charizard or Salamence.  His attack power is also decent, his only poor point is his defenses.  Paired up with the right Pokemon in his party, such as Gengar, Zoroark definitely finds his place and is a lot of fun.

Pikachu~ The mascot we love, I just can't resist using him.  I would like to obtain a Surfing Pikachu, one that can make effective use of the powerful water move, Surf, but I'll just talk about a normal Pikachu for now.  He wins the cuteness prize, and with special Pikachu-specific hold item Light Ball, his offensive power goes over four hundred!  It's assumed that this item was created to replicate the powerful Pikachu from Pokemon Yellow, or in other words, something like Ash/Satoshi's Pikachu.  His moveset is decent, stuff like Thunderbolt, Volt Change, Volt Tackle, Grass Knot and Signal Beam are all advisable.  As expected, his defenses are terrible, but his speed is the same as that of Doredia, so he's a really fun Pokemon to use when battling a player who has room for improvement.

Gengar~  One of my favourite Pokemon, another badass from First Generation.  His speed and special attack are quite high, and he can learn a great variety of special attacks such as Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Focus Blast and lots more.  He also has some other useful moves such as Destiny Bond, which causes the opposing Pokemon to faint if they make Gengar faint, and Gengar's speed takes full advantage of this tactic.  One of Gengar's main selling points is his use for switching into enemy attacks, with the ability Levitate preventing him from receiving ground type attacks, and his ghost type preventing affection by normal and fighting type moves.
Can't argue with Gengar, very strong and useful and can replace a team's flying type necessity.

Dragonite~  The defensively bulkiest of the Dragon 'brothers', Dragonite is always a force to be reckoned with, considering his huge attack power of over four hundred and access to the move Dragon Dance, which increases his attack and speed.  In the Dream World, he can now obtain the ability Multi Scale, which cuts the first damage he receives by half.  His move set is great and he can serve a variety of purposes powerfully well.

Zapdos~ A legendary Pokemon, but not considered 'Uber', that is, banned from the main battling tier.  Although I don't like to use legendaries, I do like Zapdos, so I'll keep it in store for certain occasions.  Zapdos has decent, Ninetales-level speed and good stats overall, but the main attraction lies in its maximum special attack stat of three hundred and eighty three.  Personally, I think it's really useful that Zapdos can be taught the powerful fire move Heat Wave, which is really great for an electric type.  Zapdos deserves its 'legendary' status and won't serve as a "weak link" on any team.

Chillaccino~  The evolved form of Chillarmy, Chillaccino is one of the cutest Pokemon of Unova and is a lot stronger than Pikachu, despite its similar cuteness and size.  Although a Jolly natured (+spd -sp. atk) Chilla's attack power doesn't quite hit even three hundred and its defenses are low, it makes up for it in various ways. For one thing, it's as fast as a Starmie, which is saying a lot.  That means it's faster than Gengar, Espeon, Latios and even Serperior.  Besides its speed, it's strong points are its ability Skill Link, which causes multi-hit moves to always strike five times, and its move set.  Its best moves include Bullet Seed (grass, power 125 with Skill Link), Rock Blast (rock, 125), Aqua Tail, U-Turn and last but not least, Sweep Slap.  Sweep Slap also has 125 power after Skill Link's effect, but it's also pumped up by Same Type Attack Boost, since Chillaccino is normal type.  This boosts the power by fifty percent, bringing it to 187.5, and with the hold item Silk Scarf, it can be boosted to something like 205.  Normal jewel, a one-time use hold item that boosts normal moves' power by 50%, would bring it to around 280, which is well above even the power of Selfdestruct!

Doryuuzu~ A popular Fifth Generation Pokemon with huge attack power whose speed doubles in a sandstorm.  Even without a sandstorm, Dory is pretty decent, so I have him in place as a solution for fighting against the now-popular sand teams.  I like to equip him with Choice Scarf, allowing him to out-speed pretty much anything at the cost of move selection.

Bronzong~  Although I've never actually put him into practice, he seems like a really useful Pokemon for acting as a wall, and setting up Stealth Rocks, a move that damages Pokemon the opponent sends onto the field (and acts as rock-type damage).  Both of Zong's defenses are great, and even his offensive power seems respectable.  He can also make use of his low speed with moves like Trick Room and Gyro Ball, which can be deadly!  With great defensive abilities such as Levitate and Heat-proof, his weaknesses are pretty much cleared.  I don't know, that seems pretty strong to me.

Over and out!


  1. I don't use legendaries, it's my code of honour! ^^ I prefer to make things more difficult for myself, rather than for my opponent. Sounds kind of masochistic, or perhaps even narcissistic ^^

  2. I used to love Jolteon, I believe (maybe with the exception of Dragonite) he was the best pokemon in the original RB.

  3. Yeah, I think he's awesome too. He has at least a 50% chance of making it into my 'main' team, once I get Pokemon White in March and train up some dudes. 'Course, time will be scarce until Summer... I'm a bit disappointed that it's really hard to win on pure speed and power now, with all the new mechanics in place... It's just like Magic The Gathering; It started off all about power, but just got more and more complicated until all the best strategies were complicated combinations of abilities and effects to literally annoy your opponent to death.

  4. I was never a competitive Pokemon player, the only kind of competions i liked were "random three untrained"

    as for magic, the last deck i played was

    Ageless Entity + Beacon of Immortality + Armadillo cloack. plus some other stuff