Sunday, February 6, 2011

Drifting Sand, Hidden Author

Hello everybody!  It's really late (early) and I'm pretty much on a vampiric schedule now, but I'm really happy with my recent literary improvements.  It's all thanks to having begun university!  For a while now, I've been an admin on a Pokemon Wifi page (PWP) on Facebook.  Some of the others got into writing Pokemon fanfics, and I decided it might be a fun idea for me, and a great chance to test my authoring ability!  Here's what else I've realized:  Although it may not be a legitimate strategy, I have a much easier time of writing a story when I don't plan anything out!  When I go with the flow my imagination does half the work!  Here's something I typed up on a whim a few minutes ago...  But first, here's some music!  The story is below.
Turn the annotations off, they're really annoying.

Pokemon:  Crimson Destiny

Chapter I, Part I

He opened his eyes, glistening with sun-lit determination.  He knew in his heart of hearts that this fateful day would eventually come.  That day was today; the day he would receive his Pokemon partner and begin his long-awaited journey.  But he knew, he knew that it would be no ordinary Pokemon journey.  His grandpa told him so.  The birth of dawn was all he needed; he couldn't wait another second.

Eyes ablaze, Crimz scuttled out of bed, slipping into his black shirt and buckling up his jeans.  As soon as he finished getting his jacket on and the rest of his things together, he made his way downstairs to the living room.  He knew it was really early, his mother was definitely still asleep.  Still, he had to go, he couldn't wait any longer.  He wasn't even hungry, so he skipped breakfast and grabbed his backpack, which he had packed all up the night before.  In fact, he was so anxious that the very thought of eating nearly made him sick.  As soon as he was all set, he wrote his mother a note and left in haste.

Mom, I left already to see grandpa.  I'm sorry, but I couldn't wait.  You must have seen this coming though, am I right?


The sun was growing brightly on the horizon, and the sky was mostly clear; blue and boundless, but still a dull colour. Crimz and his mother lived in a rural area on the outskirts of Azurus.  He ran most of the way there, hoping to avoid wild Pokemon along the way. Although he spotted several observant-looking Rattata and Sentret along the way, none of them seemed hostile enough to jump out at him.  He was about half way there and stormed right through a small group of Pidgey as though they didn't even exist.  Luckily for him, they didn't throw a fit over it; they were too preoccupied with some berries that had strayed onto the path from surrounding trees.

He could already see Azurus ahead; that is, the large waterfall that hid that place from the world. Up ahead, a small dark lump stuck out of the ground, right in the middle of the trail.  As he continued running as to skip right over it, he was suddenly bashed onto the ground by an oblivious Geodude, levitating out from the ground.  He grumbled in pain as he lifted himself up onto his dirty forearms, and the Geodude, unperturbed, hovered away without so much as a hint of curiousity.  Crimz got up and dusted himself off.  He decided to walk the rest of the way; the falls already lay before him.

The vast, curdling falls washed over the steep cliff of a massive piece of land.  It was like a whole different continent, but the two were connected deep under the river.  He'd been here many a time and knew there was nothing special about thispart of the waterfall.  Like always, he would have to take the natural trail, which was nearly impossible to find without prior knowledge, down to the base of the river.  He stood at the top of a narrow cliff, and from there, he stepped over to the thicket on the right.  Kneeling down, he separated the bush with his hands and crawled through a tunnel space over which the thicket arched.  Once through, he took a small wooden ladder down which, too, was enveloped by the long, thick bush. He stepped down onto a small mossy boulder, and from it, hopped down onto the dirt path.  The dirt trail ramped down in a short spiral along the cliff, leading down to the river.

The river was calm, but some strong Pokemon such as Gyarados and Ursaring lived there, so it was best that it stayed that way.  Crimz approached the side of the river, then stopped and took a few steps back.  He scurried forward, hopping onto and off of a stone protrusion in the river and landing on a platform right next to, and leading behind, the waterfall.  The enormous waves plummeting down thundered in his ears, frothing up the river. The local area was nearly hidden in the cool mist of the falls.  Refreshed and ready, Crimz stepped into the underground city of Azurus!

To be Continued...!

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