Wednesday, February 23, 2011

-Mini Post #8-

Hello, hello...

New Youtube!

Here's my usual music vid post:  I downloaded Windows Movie Maker n' did this:

Alright, so my goofing around is officially done.  Even so, I do believe I have something to say for whatever I've gained from my leisure.  For example:  I battled on Pokemon Online at least 10-15 times over the last week (each battle is typically under ten minutes), so my Pokemon battling and team-building skills, however useless they may seem, have improved.  I've learned from things I've read online, even Facebook - which can be a means to waste time and learn about people!  Whenever I've thought of any ideas for things to write about, I briefed them into a notebook for later reference.  Truth is, I haven't been feeling well for the last few days, although I feel fine today.  Lately my teeth have been hurting from too much pressure and grinding.  Furthermore, I developed a huge toothache yesterday :(  This morning it was a lot worse, which is probably what caused me to awaken at ten in the morning.  Thanks to two Advils(the little transparent liquid caplets), the pain is surprisingly minimal.  For now.

I'm feeling pretty good about my future of writing - I'm able to come up with some interesting ideas quite often, and it doesn't seem so difficult to improve my abilities overall.

As for my Pokemon team, well, I'm still experimenting here and there.  Currently my main team consists of Gliscor, Arcanine, Starmie, Scizor, Cinccino and Gengar.  Arcanine, and especially Gengar, both of whom I really like, are the prime suspects of any 'failness' this team may have.  Making predictions for Destiny Bond is pretty difficult and risky, especially when your opponent is counter-predicting it.  His ghost type damage hasn't really helped me much when it comes to type coverage as opposed to power, and overall he's a powerful but fragile Pokemon.  Well, if my opponents were disallowed from using OU legendary Pokemon such as Heatran and Zapdos, then my team is already really awesome, and would seem to win most battles.  I'm also experimenting with variant teams, like switching Arcanine for Infernape, Gengar for Meganium (yes, actually trying this...but I think I'll stop now), Cinccino for Dragonite + Gliscor for Aerodactyl (but I may need to find a less fragile substitute-lead), etc.  I should probably give Electivire, Dusknoir and some others a try.

Lately I'm reminded again of my long-term goals.  I think they're quite achievable, and the idea of achieving them makes me feel a bit excited, although I'm not sure how others would see them.

A few of my goals (Just the beginning) :

Canadian 6-Dan Go player (This is more of a side goal, and shall be left aside for quite a while)

Established Author (The first step is to teach myself for a while, learn at school, and practice in the meantime - practice by writing my Fan-fic, for example.  Second step is to start writing novels.  The goal here is to write at least two novels and get at least one published.  I should also write more than five short stories)

Poet (Develop a collection of poetry, both 'popular poetry' and 'sophisticated' poetry, amounting to at least thirty pieces.  Should have at least one published)

Anyone know what "sophisticated" or "deep" poetry is actually called, if anything?
Also, anyone wanna tell me if I should be using ['] or ["] for those??  lol

Japanese Language Proficiency (Become fluent in all aspects of the Japanese language, obtain highest level certification, learn at least 800 Kanji, and create two or more examples of Japanese writing, which can include poetry, short stories, translations etc.)

Fitness/Health/Martial Arts (Achieve 1st-Dan or equivalent in a martial art.  Body weight <91kg, able to perform several 'tricks':  Handstand: 12+ seconds, "Tornado Kick", well-done Cartwheel, "Wall-running" and at least one more.  High flexibility:  Able to come close to Splits both ways and kick over head both ways.  I aim to get onto a good sleep schedule permanently, and follow a loose, but effective, balanced routine.)

Satisfying Independence (Living on my own, with a decent/good job, ample spending money, and a good atmosphere.  No debts!  Should have a decent collection of representative room things:  scrolls, posters, games, books etc.)

Video Game Progress (Pokemon:  Complete/near complete 'favourites' collection and finished, fully trained main and LC teams with ample substitutes/variations.  Decent collection of games overall, including RPG's: LoZ etc, Fighting: DBZ, etc.)

Singing (Not aiming to be 'good', but I would like to become 'decent'/'far above average' at singing in Karaoke - a voice that's easy to listen to - and specialize in at least five English and five Japanese songs)

So yeah!  Indeed, I added some things to this list that weren't there before, and of course getting a university degree is one of my aims.  Singing, Video games and Martial Arts are more or less new to this list, and expectantly less important.  Video games are just a passion of mine that's hard to live without, so might as well improve upon it when I can.  Singing, well, I would consider it a social 'skill', if you will.  As mentioned in my last post, martial arts would be a big plus for me, 'nuff said.

Ok I'm out, peace!


  1. Don't work on getting new hobbies, work on your attitude and your perspective, Crimz. If you get frustrated easily, you'll get frustrated even if there is no objectivity.

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  3. Hmmm. This is true. Do I seem to get frustrated easily? Well, I agree that I'm not exactly in need of hobbies, to say the least, but sometimes they can be a big plus. Martial arts, for example: If I were to start that now, it would be a plus in many ways, but you'd have to know me pretty well to know that as well as I do. Strong body, strong mind.
    I totally agree about the importance of attitude and perspective, although it doesn't seem like something that's improved on very directly. I think I have the right attitude: Always looking up, never feeling like what I'm putting forth is enough, always trying to improve. If only I could accurately see myself from the third person... ><

  4. Your goals are admirable and achievable. Getting into a prestigious University is just the beginning. Your blog shows a developing growth in your writing skills. Keep in mind that you cannot accomplish everything alone. I'm not sure about the frustration comment as I do not know you personally. Frustration is a common occurence. One gets frustrated when we are in a rush. The goal will always be there but you must enjoy the journey as well.

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  6. Thanks! I agree, the journey is the reward. I must, however, admit that I find it hard to enjoy my situation most of the time and yearn for a better future, but you're right that I should try to enjoy and make the most of it. If I become too obsessed with the future, I'll end up laying waste to the now... Recently, I think I may have done that a bit. I'm glad you noticed the slight improvement on my writing ability. Although a lot of my blog posts were pretty slack, I've indeed put some effort into some of the posts on this new blog, and I too thought that some improvement was evident. It feels good to have it confirmed by another person though.