Sunday, February 20, 2011

-Mini Post #7-

Well, just a short little post tonight.

My new trial Pokemon team:

Gliscor, Starmie, Scizor, Arcanine, Gengar and Cinccino.
The addition of Gliscor, with Stealth Rocks and high defense, adds more dimension to my team.
Give his 4x Ice weakness, Dragonite was removed, and Cinccino is back :)
Team substitutes:  Dusknoir, Volcarona and Infernape

Team Version 2 (Dragonite variant):
Aerodactyl, Starmie, Scizor, Arcanine, Gengar, Dragonite
Subs: Dusknoir, Volcarona, Infernape, Gliscor and Salamence

When I was watching the video I posted in the previous blog entry, Naruto Shippuuden Ed 15 (not the one above, the one in the previous post), I decided to write a poem inspired from it.
It probably sucks, but I wrote it in about 3-4 minutes:

I'll post the video again, and the poem below it.  Please play the video ^^

Against the window, waiting
Looking out again
The white stars falling, drifting
And rain on the ground
A false sun shines in the sky,
Covered by the clouds
But one tiny star remains,
Quietly waiting
The rain continues to fall,
As always will
Until two white stars are there,
Together again

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