Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Drifting Sand, Hidden Bleach

Hello everyone!  That is, if anyone's reading this!  Please comment from time to time if you are!

First, here's an awesome new Bleach ending.  Although Bleach had tried my patience for a while, episode 308 was really good!  308??  That means I've wasted at least 7,084 minutes on this one Anime alone!  That's about 118 hours or so?  Well I'm doing this in my head, so I might have made a mistake, but that looks like it could be right...  Actually, that many hours is a lot less than I thought!  That's less than half of my Pokemon Platinum version game hours!  Haha  Anyway this video is really awesome...

There's something inspiring to me about that music, it just sounds nice.  Because of that, I sit here writing this. But what will I write?  Will I keep blathering along?  Nope.

I hope I can write a really great Pokemon fan fiction!  The first chapter, which will be completely redone eventually, can be found in the last blog entry.  I've had some very positive feedback so far, anyway.  I've got a lot of interesting ideas for how the rest will go, at least in Johto anyway, so I'll probably write at least twenty chapters before I even think about quitting it.  I'm hoping to develop and continue to expand a readership and eventually become known for this literary Pokemon fan work on the web.  I'm using this as practice; a kind of preliminary for myself as an aspiring author.  After this, or perhaps during, I'll start on the story idea I was most previously working on and talking about in my old blog, Duelist Domain, located at
http://ramenboya.blogspot.com, not to be confused with my old old, Dreams of a Go Player, http://honinbou.blogspot.com.

So there you have it - My first two projects:  Pokemon:  Crimson Destiny, and The Blade of Mimzus.
I'll also be doing some poetry here and there, so hopefully in the coming years I'll be able to build up a big collection of them.

Another thing - I created a Youtube account called EmptyTriangles.  It probably won't be possibly to get even a tenth of my GoWeiQiBadukIgo (what a horrible account name) subscribers and such to make the transition though...

My plan for EmptyTriangles is to do various awesome things!
1 - Gaming talk, tutorials etc.
2 - Go tutorials/lessons/talk
3 - Funny videos (Just random stuff I thought of to make people laugh...)
4 - Martial arts tricks<--Which will force me to get in shape and re-teach myself 'wall running', 'handstand/walk', 'tornado kick/360' etc.
Might do other stuff as well, but yeah...  I plan to do this when I'm in university next year (the REAL thing) and hopefully living on/near compus.

One day I would like to get good at singing, at least on the Karaoke level...  I think I can get decent with some practice, anyway.  Once I do that, I'll be sure to post videos of that, too!

But let's not get carried away!  I know what my priorities are.  I think the beginning of my establishment as a writer is coming!  Things are really starting to happen, I can feel it.
And so, to you I say Good day.

But Fez-



  1. Yep, still here, but as I'm not really fluent in English I refrain from criticizing your work ^^

    The one thing, I'd like to say: I find writing long and detailed passages while trying to create some sort of suspense is counterproductive.
    I.e. when you write that Crimz and the other two suddenly hear a burst of explosions and are running towards its source, I think it's not a good idea to start characterizing the city at that point. I guess you want a faster pace, daring the reader to read further and further to reveal the mystery behind the explosions. I always found this accomplished best by using sentences, which have a strong focus.
    Imagine you were in this situation, hearing explosions and stuff, how would you describe it to your friends?

    But well, well this is also a matter of taste, I guess ; )

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  3. No, you're absolutely right! I was actually kind of thinking about that as I was writing, about how I kept stopping to describe stuff. Even though the descriptions seemed necessary, the timing seemed off and you just pinpointed the perfect reasoning, thanks!! I'll eventually redo all of this, so that will help a lot!
    P.S. My memory sucks, I was just wondering if I knew you outside of my blogs? I want to get to know my most loyal reader who has given me countless useful comments! ^^

  4. try doing a bleach or naruto fan fiction, that i would like to read

  5. That's not nearly as easy though, as you can't as easily replace the main character with yourself. Actually... I don't see why you can't, but Pokemon has far more scope for customization.

  6. Ha ha ha, no, we don't know each other : )
    You posted your past blog (Duelist Domain) on lifein19x19.com and as a Go-player I was interested, so I followed ^^

    But anyway thanks for the kind words ; )

  7. No problem ^^
    Okay I remember now, yeah :)
    Hopefully I'll eventually start posting about Go again, but right now I'm just not feeling it >.>
    Which is pretty crazy, since I used to be like Canada's hugest Go fanatic or something hahaha
    I still love Go, but I have a new dream. In fact, my writing dream is actually a lot older than my Go master dream, it had just never sparked a big enough flame in the past!