Friday, February 4, 2011

-Mini Post #5-

A real 'mini post' this time.  As mini as a post from me can get, anyway.

This song is called Key of the Twilight, part of the .Hack//Sign Anime sound track.  It actually means a lot to me;  it makes me feel like I'm in another world, another place all by myself.  It's one of my "escape" songs.  There are various situations in which I enjoy it, such as when going to sleep, but especially when a bright twilight moon is in view.  The feeling of being somewhere else is of great satisfaction to me.

I've gotten off to a good start on preparing for my in-class assignment; I may be able to finish the first stage of preparations by tomorrow night.  I'll create a labeled essay skeleton and show it to the the prof, along with my revised prep notes.  I might have to actually set up the meeting, but it seems I still have at least a week before I'll be writing this thing, so I'm sure if I just keep repeating today's diligence I'll get at least an 85 or a 90. Today I actually played a few games on KGS. Wow. Well, my rust is more than evident, but it surely nothing a month or two of training can't fix.

Tomorrow I have a seminar thingy to go to.  Why does it have to start at 10:30am...? T__T I'm hoping to buy a thick booklet of lined paper and get my hands on a copy of "The Fox" while I'm out.  Che'....  I already have but six and a half hours left to sleep.  No, less...  I wanted to read Sunwing some more, but I guess it's a foolish idea.  I'm going to try sleeping in the relatively noise-free basement...

To Do

  • Attend Feb. 5 seminar (10:30am)
  • Buy a thick booklet of lined paper
  • Buy "The Fox"
  • Learn all unknown vocabulary from all school papers and "Break, Blow, Burn" analyses
  • Try to maintain a regular sleep schedule, then commence posted routine
  • Finish new poem from Feb. 4
  • Finish preparing in-class essay prep notes and essay blueprints
  • See prof about in-class essay plan, recreate prep notes
  • Get strong at bib/ref
  • Write up two story ideas (Pokemon-esque adventure, Loser-->genius)
  • Study 10 poems + analyses from "Break, Blow, Burn"
  • Read up on 'existentialism' ahead of time for class
  • Retrieve grammar drill papers from prof
  • Finish fixing my story's plot issues, type up and print story plan, character info, place desc. etc.
Off to bed...  There's a good chance I'll end up failing to sleep, getting back onto the computer and deciding against the seminar.

See ya~


  1. sounds like a busy day ahead, do you always add a .hack song link?

  2. Usually some kind of song, doesn't have to be .hack.